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!!The following City & Guilds course have been registered by CITB NI for grant assistance to registered in scope employers!!

The purpose of this qualification is to meet the wide ranging needs of the communications cabling industry which is part of the communication technologies sector.

We have tailored this training not only to meet the requirements of the city and guilds award. But also to give individuals the skills to carry out the work that is being carried out in Ireland and the UK at the moment.

For example we use the joint closures that are used on the projects Siro, Eircom, BT, Virgin Media (North and south of the border). We teach individuals specifically to be able to work on the activity that they are aiming to work on.

This award is one of the most important courses to complete for new entrants, such as school leavers or for adults looking for a change in career. Ideal for electricians, plumbers, or outside trades cctv installers etc.

This course requires a specific amount of practical activity. When you are with us you will work with qualified instructors, that have worked in the industry doing the job they are teaching you to do. They are not theorists brought in from another company to teach you. They will teach you in as realistic a work environment as can be.

Our centre has been put together with a practical working area, to ensure you gain the maximum benefit from this training. We will teach you to do the job, not just gain a piece of paper.

We are the only training provider making the effort to ensure learners leave with anywhere near enough practical activity corelated to real work, to enable them to do the job. Not just able to rhyme of facts and figures that a theorist that has never worked on a fibre build, says they need to know.

**We are the ONLY!! training provider on the ISLAND of IRELAND, Providing enough hands on practical activity to give anyone the ability to do the job**

Contents of the City and Guilds Communications Cabling Training Programme

CORE UNIT 101 Principles of Communication Cabling
This unit is mandatory and must be completed by every learner.

This core unit is designed to learn you the basic principles and covers aspects of:- health and safety, safe working practices, it also provides you with the key concepts of communication systems:-

UNIT 102 Fibre Optic Cabling in an internal environment Multimode

This unit should be taken by those who would be working with fibre optic cables inside buildings or between buildings for example connecting into communication racks for internal data networks, hospitals, large office complexes etc. Installing, splicing & terminating of fibre optic cables designed for internal distribution.

UNIT 103 Fibre Optic Cabling and Splicing in an External Environment SINGLEMODE

This unit should be taken by those that will be working on telecommunications networks using closures outisde in cabinets or underground, Such as the Siro ESB, Eircom, Virgin Media and BT network builds. This unit is concerned with the:-

Installation, splicing, & termination of fibre optic cables.
Testing of fibre optic cables, typically a single-mode fibre network in an external environment.
Cabling and splicing using external joints and cable within Telecommunications networks.
Commissioning Test Processes, certifying your work.
Repair and preventative maintenance.
logical fault finding using visual light sources and other test equipment.

In networks such as FTTHome, FTTCabinet, FTTBuilding, Motorways, CATV, CCTV, Mobile Backhaul, Windfarms, etc .

We have focused this training so that leaners can leave us and work on any of the network build activities that a learner is aiming to work on. We will help you save money to only complete the Unit that you actually need.

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Below are listed the dates when assessment and practical training are scheduled at our facilities at the moment focused in Carlow, But can be delivered in Tralee if there are enough learners. SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS CAN BE MADE FOR COMPANIES AND CONTRACTORS FOR THE DELIVERY OF PRACTICAL TRAINING AND ASSESSMENTS.

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